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Try out cycling tourism and get up close with the nature of Santa Cruz Island, the Galapagos, with the fascinating routes of our bike tours.

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Cyclists on Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos.

Craters Tour, Gemelos, and El Chato or Primicias Ranch

Visit the volcanic sinkholes of Los Gemelos (The Twins) and descend to the El Chato reserve where you can observe a typical humid forest of the highlands of the Galapagos, then in the Primicias ranch, you can see free giant tortoises along with pintail ducks and finches.

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Craters Tour, Gemelos and Frontier Reserve

Start by contemplating the craters of Los Gemelos (The Twins) and then head to the "El Chato" reserve where you will observe the particular humid forest of the highlands. Then you will head to the "Frontier" reserve to meet the giant tortoises.

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Cerro Mesa and El Garrapatero Beach Tour

Start the tour from Cerro Mesa and then descend to its crater. Then you will visit the beach at Garrapatero and finally explore a coffee and cocoa area called El Cascajo.

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Highland View and El Garrapatero Beach Tour

Enjoy the landscapes of Highland View and its magical swing along with a tour through the trails inside and outside the crater. Then you will have a journey from the tunnels to El Garrapatero Beach, ending with a descent from El Cascajo.

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Bicycle rental

Take care of the enchanted islands and your health while discovering the unique landscapes at a different pace.

- Electric 50,00 USD
- Conventional 20,00 USD

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You can find us:

Moisés Brito and Thomas de Berlanga Street.
Santa Cruz Island - Puerto Ayora - Galapagos.

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